We would like to inform you that Nepalese Association of Northern Territory Inc. ( NANT ) will be hosting NANT Cricket Tournament Running Shield 2018 this year as well as a part of its annual sports program. The dates for cricket tournament are scheduled for 4th of August, 5th of August, 11th of August and 18th of August 2018. The games will be played at University Cricket Oval, Wanguri Oval, and Stuart Park Oval.

This tournament is solely for entertainment and enriching the mutual understanding and harmony between the Nepalese community members in Northern Territory. This tournament has been organized by NANT from the year 2010 as a part of its annual sports event.

The Nomination is opened. Please follow the link below to download the nomination form and send it back to info@nant.org.au.

Download Nomination Form

Below are the details of Tournament and its Registration Procedure:

  • Registration Open from 22nd of July and closes on 27th of July. Please find attached the Registration form.
  • The completed registration form can either be emailed to info@nant.org.au or  be handed over to one of below NANT’s representatives.
  • Each team must nominate a Team Manager plus the other 15 players which includes a Captain and a vice Captain.
  • Registration fees for each team is $150, which do not cover the NANT membership fees of the player.
  • Each player including Manager needs to be the Financial member of NANT for year 2017/18, membership can be obtained from NANT’s Website http://nant.org.au/
  • Manager will act as the point of contact for NANT and will be responsible for communicating and liaising with NANT Executive and Event Co-ordinator.

Important Dates:

  • Registration close date: 27th of July, COB Friday
  • Tournament Starts: 4th of August
  • Tournament Final: 18th of August (If only 4 teams are nominated)

Contact Persons:

Any correspondence of NANT Cricket Tournament to be sent to info@nant.org.au

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